Teeth And Gum Care For Your Little One - Intel by jannepaige - Qondio

Teeth And Gum Care For Your Little One - Intel by jannepaige - Qondio

Teeth And Gum Care For Your Little One

By Jennifer Anne Paige 


Before you get too overwhelmed with your baby’s immunization, feeding, bath and diaper changes, pause for a while and remember to take care of his teeth and gums too. True enough, taking care of a baby is hard work and caring for his gums and soon-to-emerge teeth is all part of the job. So, if you want your precious angel to have a perfect smile when he or she grows up, you have to learn how to start proper dental care as early as now.
• Before the first tooth comes out
Even if you don’t see any tooth sticking out yet, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to take care of inside your baby’s mouth. A fetus develops tooth buds at around 6 or 7 weeks. These remain in the jaw until it’s time for them to come out 3 to 6 months after the baby is born. This is the reason why one should take care of the gums and make it a habit of cleaning it during bath time. Save on toothpaste because you won’t be needing it at this time. Instead, use a clean gauze or damp cloth to rub the gums gently. If you start this routine early, you won’t have a problem moving on to a toothbrush.
• When teeth start coming out
When your baby’s teeth begin erupting at around 6 months old, you can start using a baby toothbrush. Look for ones made with a small head, bigger grip handle and soft bristles. If you have managed to clean your baby’s mouth, gums and teeth daily, you can still save on toothpaste. Gently brush the teeth in and out two times a day. Make a single swipe on your baby’s tongue using the brush to get rid of bad breath causing bacteria. As soon as the toothbrush looks worn out, replace it with a new one.
• It’s time to pay a visit to the dentist
It is recommended to bring your baby to the dentist between six and 12 months. By this time, your baby should have few erupted teeth. An early trip to the dentist can help prevent tooth decay in baby teeth, ensuring stronger and better permanent teeth when they grow older. This will also expose your child at an early age to the importance of proper oral hygiene and will allow your dentist to spot and address dental problems early on.
• Fluoride facts
Your baby’s teeth need a modest amount of fluoride to strengthen and protect it from tooth decay. You can get fluoride from bottled water, municipal water or prescription fluoride drops. Either of the three, you must ensure that your baby is getting just enough. Too much fluoride can lead to fluorosis which can cause your baby’s permanent teeth to have white spots. It is also advised by experts to allow your child to use fluoride toothpaste only upon reaching the age of two. Give them a pea-sized amount every time he brushes his teeth.
These are just some of the things you have to take note of when caring for your little one’s teeth and gums. When your child grows up, he will only have you to thank for a perfect set of pearly whites.
Jennifer Anne Paige also writes on skin care advice. For great tips on looking after your skin, visit today.

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Preparing perfect teeth for your kid is hard but it will be worth it. When kids grow older, teaching them proper oral care should help them maintain a perfect set of teeth. Parents should make an appointment with their kid's dentist at least twice a year.

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