Nikki Minaj

This is Nikki Minaj
I have to say it.. Nikki Minaj is to me, what baggy jeans and hip hop were to my parents... Absolute nonsense...  (chuckles)

It makes me feel weird how people find this "BARBIE" chik amazing.

TO ME... There's nothing amazing about someone who took rap and remixed nursery rhymes.  Sure her sound is catchy but come on, give me a break!  She's made the hip hop game a children's riddle, why don't these youngin's see it?   Its as if Taylor Swift made an E,I,E,I,O country song... Get what I'm saying.

Listen "Nikki Minaj" leave the nursery rhymes at the daycare. I don't care about the itty bitty piggies in the market.  Dungen dragons were cool and all, but seriously? It upsets me that your songs are so catchy, and although I hate em, I end up singing along to your nonsense. Stop confusing the youngin's, if your making up something new, call it that.. Don't mix your work with rap or hip hop.  Maybe your doing Chip Chop... calling yourself a BARBIE! HAHAHA! Of course the younger generations think your hott cause really, no real rap chik is signing on, going commercial and sellin' out like her.  

I mean seriously, what was P. Diddy thinking?

Oh! I know- he saw dollar signs, and thought, let's commercialize this. Let me arrange some featuring with the top names in the game, Let's style her so that she reminds the fans of the female rappers of the 20th century, causes a controversy. She's not LADY GAGA, and even that's a clever name when compared with the Minaj. Diddy, listen to me for a second - you cant compare or confuse or blend 21st century rap with 20th century rap. That's like mixing disco and rap. There's a whole underground going on, full of talented people who won't sell out and sign with record labels because they know there's politics to it. They are going to have to change their flow, their style. Rap is deep, deeper than silly nursery rhyme metaphors. Leave that to lil MS WILLOW .. You heard NIKKI..

My support goes to the one and only, Lil Kim
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Baby laugh

Welcome to the best baby laugh contest!

This is a pretty simple and straight forward contest.

Here's what you do:

1. Record a video or audio of your baby or any baby laughing.

2. Submit the content.  
(I suggest uploading to youtube and then leaving the link as a comment.)

3. Let people know so that they can support you and vote for your entry.

Here's what I do:

Once the entries are in, I will ask for votes and then I will announce the winner. 

Pass it on and get others involved.  

Let's hear it!                          Best baby laugh

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Eek! I'm worried.

My toddler hasn't been able to eat carrots, sweet potatoes or anything orangy for almost 3 weeks now and since then, I noticed he has been very picky.  I'm seriously about to start sticking food in the blender and making it soupy because if there is any texture to it, he spits it out and plays.  He takes about a half hour or more of insisted self feeding until he realizes he's still hungry and now tired of fooling around.  

"Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he screams at me, kicks his tray and slams his hands on it repeatedly.  I try to feed him and he shakes his head - NO!  Slaps the food off the spoon and sometimes is fast enough to slap the spoon off my hand.  The only way to calm him down is to immediately follow up with the bottle.   Talk about bossy!!!    

I've started adding rice cereal to his greens and today I got away with adding cooked ground meat to the rice and greens without him bothering to do his spit and examine routine.  I also mix his milk as a shake often adding banana or apples and even chocolate and rice cereal for a tasty and hearty shake.
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Potty Training?

Imagine potty training this 13 month old. Is it really possible? Or are we fooling ourselves as parents?

So, I am a member of this group called Circle of Moms and the topic of this week was potty training at 13-14 months. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Are they nutts?

They mention something about EC (elimination communication) which is how infants or toddlers communicate to you that they are ready to go. What cracked me up about this EC method was how other mother, who have tried it, say it is done. For example, one mother said when she sees the signs of her baby going poop she removes the diaper and places the baby on the potty, so that they make the connection. Are you kidding me? Why not wait for the child to be able to tell you or at least point out that they need to poop or pee.
Personally, my opinion is that I don't understand what the rush is all about. Maybe diapers are too expensive to dirty. Who knows right? But am I crazy or old fashioned that I don't see the logic in EC???
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He knows where home is. 

Our favorite activities include taking walks to the store, every day.  He passes by a variety store, where he is the star.  Then by the Chinese restaurant,  where they always give him a fortune cookie.  Of course, I don't let him eat it but it's cute that they always give him one when he passes though to see them.  We have a dog, but he lives around the corner with 3 other dog and a really nice family.  So when it's nice out we pass by there too.  But if we come home without passing by the train tracks, he throws a fit at the front door.  It's soo cute.  We also take trips to the library, but no one really pays us much mind there.  We go in, look at the people, I pick up a book and usually he tries to take it from me, so before he gets all rowdy, we go.

At home, he has a room where he can make a big mess of all his toys.   He usually gets an hour of alone time there.  When that hour is up, and I'm done with my house chores, we play together.  My favorite is when I ask him to give me things.  Many times he doesn't but once in a while he does.  He has a few favorite TV shows which include, Yo Gabba Gabba, Olivia, Oobies, and the Upside Down Show.  I can  dig all of them except the Upside Down Show, it's just too weird for me.  You know, those two grown men, but they are admittedly silly.

There's a learn and play teddy which sings songs like, ABC's and Head Shoulders.  He's really into head shoulders but still not sure how to coordinate his hands.  He loves clap time.  He actually learned to clap at 13 months.  I thought that was a little late but as they say, better late than never!  

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Umpa Lumpa

So, it is totally possible to have an "umpa lumpa" toddler. 

My son loves carrots and sweet potatoes and because he does, he has some everyday.  Little did I know that by not eating peas or green beans, there would be an effect on his skin color.  At his one year check up, the first words out of the doctor's mouth was, "Does your son eat alot of carrots?"  I was shocked that she knew he liked carrots and at that same instant I wondered if it was his shiny black hair or stature that gave it away.   So, I replied, "Yes.  Why do you ask?"  To my surprise, her response was that she noticed his skin looked a bit yellow or orangy.  Then she opened his palm to point out where there too we observed the orangy tone to his skin.  

To make a long story short, she ordered some blood tests but assured me that it was probably the food because his eyes and lips were of normal color.  In other words, if the whites of his eyes were yellow or his lips and gums were discolored, then there is something to be alarmed about -one such problem is called bilirubin.  I am still waiting on the results of the test and I really do hope and pray it was the food.  

But who would have thought, that carrots and sweet potatoes could actually turn your skin tone to an orangy yellow????  I think I've found a way to keep my tan all year round.  

Updated: So, I went back and found out that his blood test results were normal. It really was the carrots and sweet potatoes. She said it will take some time for his skin to return to normal color. She also said, "Tomatoes are good!"
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