Umpa Lumpa

So, it is totally possible to have an "umpa lumpa" toddler. 

My son loves carrots and sweet potatoes and because he does, he has some everyday.  Little did I know that by not eating peas or green beans, there would be an effect on his skin color.  At his one year check up, the first words out of the doctor's mouth was, "Does your son eat alot of carrots?"  I was shocked that she knew he liked carrots and at that same instant I wondered if it was his shiny black hair or stature that gave it away.   So, I replied, "Yes.  Why do you ask?"  To my surprise, her response was that she noticed his skin looked a bit yellow or orangy.  Then she opened his palm to point out where there too we observed the orangy tone to his skin.  

To make a long story short, she ordered some blood tests but assured me that it was probably the food because his eyes and lips were of normal color.  In other words, if the whites of his eyes were yellow or his lips and gums were discolored, then there is something to be alarmed about -one such problem is called bilirubin.  I am still waiting on the results of the test and I really do hope and pray it was the food.  

But who would have thought, that carrots and sweet potatoes could actually turn your skin tone to an orangy yellow????  I think I've found a way to keep my tan all year round.  

Updated: So, I went back and found out that his blood test results were normal. It really was the carrots and sweet potatoes. She said it will take some time for his skin to return to normal color. She also said, "Tomatoes are good!"


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