Eek! I'm worried.

My toddler hasn't been able to eat carrots, sweet potatoes or anything orangy for almost 3 weeks now and since then, I noticed he has been very picky.  I'm seriously about to start sticking food in the blender and making it soupy because if there is any texture to it, he spits it out and plays.  He takes about a half hour or more of insisted self feeding until he realizes he's still hungry and now tired of fooling around.  

"Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he screams at me, kicks his tray and slams his hands on it repeatedly.  I try to feed him and he shakes his head - NO!  Slaps the food off the spoon and sometimes is fast enough to slap the spoon off my hand.  The only way to calm him down is to immediately follow up with the bottle.   Talk about bossy!!!    

I've started adding rice cereal to his greens and today I got away with adding cooked ground meat to the rice and greens without him bothering to do his spit and examine routine.  I also mix his milk as a shake often adding banana or apples and even chocolate and rice cereal for a tasty and hearty shake.


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