Nikki Minaj

This is Nikki Minaj
I have to say it.. Nikki Minaj is to me, what baggy jeans and hip hop were to my parents... Absolute nonsense...  (chuckles)

It makes me feel weird how people find this "BARBIE" chik amazing.

TO ME... There's nothing amazing about someone who took rap and remixed nursery rhymes.  Sure her sound is catchy but come on, give me a break!  She's made the hip hop game a children's riddle, why don't these youngin's see it?   Its as if Taylor Swift made an E,I,E,I,O country song... Get what I'm saying.

Listen "Nikki Minaj" leave the nursery rhymes at the daycare. I don't care about the itty bitty piggies in the market.  Dungen dragons were cool and all, but seriously? It upsets me that your songs are so catchy, and although I hate em, I end up singing along to your nonsense. Stop confusing the youngin's, if your making up something new, call it that.. Don't mix your work with rap or hip hop.  Maybe your doing Chip Chop... calling yourself a BARBIE! HAHAHA! Of course the younger generations think your hott cause really, no real rap chik is signing on, going commercial and sellin' out like her.  

I mean seriously, what was P. Diddy thinking?

Oh! I know- he saw dollar signs, and thought, let's commercialize this. Let me arrange some featuring with the top names in the game, Let's style her so that she reminds the fans of the female rappers of the 20th century, causes a controversy. She's not LADY GAGA, and even that's a clever name when compared with the Minaj. Diddy, listen to me for a second - you cant compare or confuse or blend 21st century rap with 20th century rap. That's like mixing disco and rap. There's a whole underground going on, full of talented people who won't sell out and sign with record labels because they know there's politics to it. They are going to have to change their flow, their style. Rap is deep, deeper than silly nursery rhyme metaphors. Leave that to lil MS WILLOW .. You heard NIKKI..

My support goes to the one and only, Lil Kim


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