Potty Training?

Imagine potty training this 13 month old. Is it really possible? Or are we fooling ourselves as parents?

So, I am a member of this group called Circle of Moms and the topic of this week was potty training at 13-14 months. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Are they nutts?

They mention something about EC (elimination communication) which is how infants or toddlers communicate to you that they are ready to go. What cracked me up about this EC method was how other mother, who have tried it, say it is done. For example, one mother said when she sees the signs of her baby going poop she removes the diaper and places the baby on the potty, so that they make the connection. Are you kidding me? Why not wait for the child to be able to tell you or at least point out that they need to poop or pee.
Personally, my opinion is that I don't understand what the rush is all about. Maybe diapers are too expensive to dirty. Who knows right? But am I crazy or old fashioned that I don't see the logic in EC???


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