He knows where home is. 

Our favorite activities include taking walks to the store, every day.  He passes by a variety store, where he is the star.  Then by the Chinese restaurant,  where they always give him a fortune cookie.  Of course, I don't let him eat it but it's cute that they always give him one when he passes though to see them.  We have a dog, but he lives around the corner with 3 other dog and a really nice family.  So when it's nice out we pass by there too.  But if we come home without passing by the train tracks, he throws a fit at the front door.  It's soo cute.  We also take trips to the library, but no one really pays us much mind there.  We go in, look at the people, I pick up a book and usually he tries to take it from me, so before he gets all rowdy, we go.

At home, he has a room where he can make a big mess of all his toys.   He usually gets an hour of alone time there.  When that hour is up, and I'm done with my house chores, we play together.  My favorite is when I ask him to give me things.  Many times he doesn't but once in a while he does.  He has a few favorite TV shows which include, Yo Gabba Gabba, Olivia, Oobies, and the Upside Down Show.  I can  dig all of them except the Upside Down Show, it's just too weird for me.  You know, those two grown men, but they are admittedly silly.

There's a learn and play teddy which sings songs like, ABC's and Head Shoulders.  He's really into head shoulders but still not sure how to coordinate his hands.  He loves clap time.  He actually learned to clap at 13 months.  I thought that was a little late but as they say, better late than never!  


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