The newest addition to the family.

A cute kitty I brought home from the bodega.  He wants to name her Jaky but I was thinking Koki (Coqui) since she looks like a mix of Kiki and Koko.  Here are some pics of all of them.

Kiki and Koko haven't live here in over a year now...  Koko took off one day and Kiki, well, unfortunately Kiki ended up in the wrong hands.  Someone was cat sitting for us and didn't tell me that he had a mentally ill sibling.  Needless to say, who know what she did with or to the cat.  I called the police but they made me feel even more helpless but telling me to take her to court and sue.  How can you put a dollar value on a pet, a part of your family??
Coqui... Koko and Kiki Mixed!

Koko (top) and Kiki (bottom)

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Maa said...

And so, her name is Kitty! This of course, has to do with teaching my baby boy that Kitty is a baby cat...

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