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Sippy Cup
I am pleased that we have finally reached the sippy cup stage.  I heard many times that I was supposed to have him on the sippy cup from about 6 months, well heck - he's 16 months, better late than never.  haha.  I didn't realize how much I baby him, until I practically made him drink from the sippy.  His reaction was to always slap it away since it was unfamiliar.  But the weird thing to me was that he'd never slap a regular cup away, he was always willing to drink from a cup like an adult minus holding it on his own.

So the day before yesterday, I ran out of drop in's.  I thought, "do I go and buy some or do I try this sippy cup thing?"    I did the sippy cup thing and it was by no means easy.   I had to squirt the drink into his mouth so that he could taste it and realize, "hey, this is my yummy milk!"  After about 3 squirts, a drenched chin and neck and a lot of fighting from him, he finally gabbed it from my hand and drank peacefully.  THANK GOD!  There was a sense of pride behind the whole thing.  I watched as he enjoyed his sippy cup.  Its been two days, and I tried giving him a nipple bottle.  Guess what happened?   He slapped it out of my hand.   This kid is hilarious.

Side note: But now, my hands are already dry from washing all the pieces to the cup three times a day.  If it ain't one thing, it's another.

My advice to new mothers is to do what works for you.  As time passes and we become more confident in our skills, so does the child and with that being said, everything doesn't have to  be so complicated, by the book or like someone else's experience.

We don't give the human species enough credit to realize that we are smart and amazing creatures built to grow and learn.


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