Here's the truth on How you can Make easy money online

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This is the Truth about making money online, the easy way, on auto pilot. 

The truth is this, when it comes down to how to "make money at home" don't you realize that every website you visit eventually wants to get your email address before they release any kind of information to you? So you give your email address and then what? Suddenly Viola, congratulations!

You're the next lead - not the next millionaire.

NOTICE how there's always a catch phrase, like ($200 value, yours free!) that will show you how to "make money at home," online, "EASY", "ON AUTO PILOT". They even claim you can earn up to 10k per month, part time from home.

Making money at home will come easy if you find something you are passionate about and love. Then naturally, you find a way to promote it. Be it by word of mouth, a decal on your car, or paying for ad space somewhere you have to promote your work/business.

Now, for the computer professional, many times it's easy to sit in front of a screen for hours and program a site. Easy for them because they love what they do and it makes them money because it is a skill.

But for everyday people looking to make money online, a.k.a. get rich quick, unfortunately, there's not much out there other than traps of cycles.

By cycles, I mean Cycles of people who are just like you, looking for some PROMISED auto pilot way of earning income. The only person making money in that scenario is the designer/programmer of the website and the owner. Make no mistake, the owner put work into making that happen, either work or money to get someone else to do the work necessary to make a profit.

And the fact still remains that money and skill are TWO MAJOR PIECES OF A PUZZLE that many sites claim aren't needed in order to join and reap the benefits of making money online.

Anyone else notice that it's like the nice way of saying, "The dumber you are the better? Join today."

All of the traffic exchanges, all the multilevel marketing networks, all the lead promisers, will soon find themselves without members, once people wake up and smell the coffee.

If you're looking to MAKE MONEY ONLINE THE EASY WAY, I'M SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE BUT THERE'S no one answer for that and it won't be easy as sending your email address and making millions, on auto pilot.

This is true because many of the "splash pages" you run into are generics meaning when you join, lot's of times they pass on the rights to distribute the same exact page that promised "earn easy money" for joining, on to you. Next thing you know, there you are after reading tons of material and wasting time, suddenly you've figured out how to give the splash page your information as the owner, then you put up ads somewhere somehow, to spread the news about "making easy money".

Meanwhile, you haven't made a dime and have spent countless hours, joining like minded discussion boards and so forth in an effort to make "virtual friends/connections" and eventually send them your get rich quick ad too! There you have it, The cycle! Don't fall into it.

Also, the only way traffic exchanges would work was if the surfers (members), clicked the ads. However, many ad agencies such as Google PROHIBIT the use of ads in traffic exchanges. So, there you have it as far as that's concerned too.

If you want to make money online, find something meaningful to you that you enjoy doing, so it doesn't seem like work to you. Find out how to put your web presence together and promote it, promote it on you car, by word of mouth or pay for a billboard even. That's how you really make money online. Real stuff from real people.

As far as SEO and SEM those are real ideas based on the way search engines find your web-presence. But they aren't complicated at all, so don't get your panties in a bunch about those things either. The fact is, you can have all the right key words, but without "backlinks" your page has no importance in the virtual world. Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and so on would list you but not in any of the first few results.

Make money online, make money from home, work at home.

Below I will list the sites you should learn to stay away from.  They are pointless.


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