The Big Shift to Cloud-based Security plus Free F5 Networks White Paper and A Security Practitioner's Guide to the Cloud.

The Big Shift to Cloud-based Security, Free Qualys, Inc. White Paper
Keeping IT systems secure and running within regulatory compliance mandates, especially for mid-sized and even small businesses, seems next to impossible. There are many reasons for this — but fortunately, several recent technological trends show that it doesn't have to be this way.

This paper covers how small and medium-sized organizations can manage their IT risks and maintain regulatory compliance with minimal staff and budget.
A Security Practitioner's Guide to the Cloud, Free SafeNet Inc. White Paper
Learn how to maintain trust and control in virtualized environments.
How can you ensure that your sensitive data is protected in virtualized environments? How will you demonstrate the compliance of your cloud deployments? In this white paper, you will learn:
  • Data protection best practices for virtual servers and storage, SaaS applications, cloud-based transactions, and more.
  • How to ensure security and regulatory compliance in the cloud.
  • How to seamlessly extend trust and control from on-premise to virtual environments.
With this practitioner's guide in hand, you will learn how to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud with security that follows you there. Download today!

Securing the Cloud, Free F5 Networks White Paper
Learn how F5 solutions can help make your cloud infrastructure or deployment more secure, reliable, and resilient.
Cloud computing has become another key resource for IT deployments, but there is still fear of securing applications and data in the cloud. With F5 devices, you can keep your most precious assets safe, no matter where they live.

Availability and the Cloud, Free F5 Networks White Paper
Discover how Cloud computing can offer IT a powerful alternative for efficient application, infrastructure and platform delivery.

Cloud computing offers IT another tool to deliver applications. While enticing, challenges still exist in making sure the application is always available. F5's flexible, unified solutions ensure high availability for cloud deployments.

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