To Marry or Not To Marry? Marriage and Divorce is too technical to even bother.

I kinda feel bad writing this but my advice to readers is -don't get married.  Too many times we see instances where people are in love, the get hitched within a matter of months and ask themselves later on, "what were we thingking?" or "who did I marry?"  

Sure, there was a time when people genuinely respected and loved each other but those times have changed.  Just like ladies no longer wear corsets and big dresses or suits, ties and hats for men as the accepted daily wardrobe, people should avoid marriage.  Because it's all a technicality.  In order to get married, you have to register and pay for a license.  Seriously!  We have to pay for a license to love someone else and call them your spouse.  We are supposed to cherish and help one another and when that doesn't happen, then what?  If you want to live as a comfortable couple, you're both going to have to work. Many times that's where stress begins.  Usually there's a bread winner and after a while, after being comfortable around one another and kind of taking each other for granted sometimes a competition starts between the couple leading to unnecessary marital stress and bad decision making.  As it is today,  families can't really afford a stay at home parent situation without some outside help, so usually both parents work and that's causes stress in the family and marital situation also.  As a married couple, you must file taxes together and if your spouse has another agenda (since, let's face reality we aren't born as mind readers) you will be held liable for that stuff also.   So then what?   Do you try counseling?   How much will that cost you guys?  And if after using time and money to see that this doesn't work for you both, do you go ahead divorce?  Well, you'd have to pay for that too.

If you apply for divorce alone (no laywer) and you both don't fight about anything (uncontested divorce) it can cost something like $300  to $500.  If you hire a lawyer their rates range anywhere from $3500 per uncontested case or $500 to $800 per appearance.  Today's world is full of stress, especially financial stress.  So do you really want to get married and possibly create more?  I believe it is possible to love someone and build a life without being technical.  At the end of it all marital assets are really a pain in the ass and just another way for the government to keep tabs on people and their money.  I guess paying taxes to have a government tell us what to do and how to live doesn't generate enough revenue.


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