Microsoft Office Live Small Business -- Free 263 page eBook, 30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days - free ebooks

Microsoft Office Live Small Business -- Free 263 page eBook, Free Packt Enterprise eBook
Build and customize your small business website – a step-by-step beginners guide.
This book doesn't teach you how to hammer the proverbial nail; it tells you why the nail is required at all and where it should go. You'll find tips, tricks, warnings, and bits of advice at every step. They'll help you avoid potential pitfalls and help you build a robust, consistent website that works well across browsers and operating systems. The advice in this book is not random advice about web design; it's specific to designing websites with Office Live Small Business. It helps you optimize Office Live Small Business's settings to make full use of its potential. If you're more adventurous, this book shows you how you can work around some of Office Live Small Business's limitations. You'll have to learn bits and pieces of those dreadful three and four-letter technologies, but this eBook will cover them strictly on a need-to-know basis.

This book is not for bedside reading; it's a hands-on instruction manual. It's meant to be read sequentially. You'll get the most out of it if you build your website step-by-step as you read it from end-to-end. If this is your first attempt with building a website with Office Live Small Business, that would be the natural progression for you.

If you're wondering how you'd build a website without HTML, relax. This book is not about witchcraft. Your website will, of course, be built with HTML. But you won't be the one writing the HTML. Office Live Small Business will do it for you.

30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days – Entrepreneurs DIY Marketing Guide, Free MarketingSavant eBook
Even in struggling economic times, small businesses' entrepreneurial spirit continues to be a driving force in the American economy. Do-it-yourself marketing doesn't mean that you have to do everything by yourself! This eBook and the e-course are here to help. Just like how The Home Depot tells its customers that "they can do it and the Home Depot can help them." You can do your own marketing and you can do it with a little help from your friends in marketing.
What can you do in 30 days? What you can do is you put your energy into marketing each and every day for the next 30 days during Entrepreneurs "Do It Yourself" Marketing Month? Think about it. If you put even 20 minutes into marketing your business each day, where will you be at the end of the month? At the end of the year? Go ahead, MarketingSavant is here to help!

This eBook is catalyst for your marketing endeavors and business growth.

With this free eBook you will also receive weekly marketing news, tips, and advice delivered to your inbox courtesy of MarketingSavant.

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