No respect.

Strolling thru the city with the family is wonderful thing.  It's all fine and dandy until some mother lovin jerk off decides to hand my partner a "happy ending", "chica's-chica's", "call girl" whatever you wanna call it, card.  I was shock and pissed, to say the lest.  I thought to myself and quickly shouted, "dude, are you seriously marketing this?  On the streets?  Like it's cool??  Can you have some discretion?  You know, like not hand those kinda cards to people who obviously are a family, walking together, enjoying the weather"  Then I went on to call him disrespectful and  few other choice words.

The whole thing is pretty sad though.  I doubt the women working for this job are even citizens.  I can't believe the patrol police never take the time to look down on the side walks and see these cards littered all over busy city blocks.  Oh, but the cops will patrol the streets at 10:00 pm and to check if the cars that are  parked are okay on inspection and registration stickers, otherwise - they'll issue tickets.  What a way to protect.  Hmm.. So, what ever happened to protect and serve?  As in, protect the kids that have to walk through the streets and see these cards on the ground.  Protect the women who are working this?  Protect the families that become corrupted because of this type of market?  This isn't Vegas, so I'm very shocked and appalled.

Here's one that I found in the street today on my way home from the supermarket. 

Front of Chica Chica Card
Back side of chicas chicas card.

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