Public Utilities Fortnightly, Free Public Utilities Fortnightly Magazine Subscription

Public Utilities Fortnightly, Free Public Utilities Fortnightly Magazine Subscription

Public Utilities Fortnightly is the utility industry standard--totally independent, Fortnightly editors present all sides of the crucial issues, especially the inside.

Public Utilities Fortnightly is read by top management in the energy industry. These readers include officers, general and system operating executives, regulators and key personnel in investor-owned electric, gas, telecommunications and water companies, as well as municipals, independent power producers, fuel and specialty services, professional services and arenas of the public sector with a vested interest in public utilities management.

Electric Light & Power, Free Electric Light & Power Subscription Subscription
Is the authoritative source of electric & gas industry business news for electric and gas utility executives and management.

Bi-monthly Electric Light & Power is the magazine for management individuals in the power industry. This publication provides insight into industry news, financial, legal and regulatory issues. EL&P also reviews T&D, technology, information systems, customer systems and electric and gas trading trends. This single source provides individuals a broad view of the electric utility industry, with in-depth analysis of key business issues along with regular interviews with leading industry leaders.

Today's Energy Solutions, Free Today's Energy Solutions Magazine Subscription

Serves small and large energy companies, manufacturers/designers of materials and components for alternative energy resources, and a select group of government offices.
Even with widespread conservation measures, the need for electricity is estimated to increase by 40% by 2030. This demand for energy is the new frontier for manufacturers with the foresight and determination to design and build systems and components for generating new energy solutions as well as reducing the cost and improving the capacity of existing energy sources. Today's Energy Solutions is the only publication devoted to helping these manufacturers succeed.

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