The CitiKitty Cat Genie My Way

After thinking about how great it would be to toilet train the kitten, I decided to use my sitz bath since its in the closet gathering dust.  So, I took it out and before I prepped it I wrapped up her kitty litter box, in plastic, could you believe she pee'd right on top of the plastic.  This made me realize, toilet training is possible.  After I cleaned up that mess and made her new potty, she happily hopped in and began scratching away.  I think tonight I will put the litter in the bathroom and tomorrow on the toilet.  I don't see why I should wait a week and confuse her.

The Next day
And so,  I decided to put it on the toilet.  She did use it bust since shes still a kitten and this is only her second week with us, she's kind of jumpy and so I had to put it back in the hall when she was done.
Sitz bath turned into kitty potty training device

kitty using the home made citi kitty

who needs a cat genie when the cat is a genius??

kitten using toilet

ahhh, relief.  potty time

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