So as a Tmobile customer, I have the luxury of checking out the call log.  To my surprise, my husband was receiving text messages from Mauritania in a 222-222-2211 number.  I was about to flip out when I thought about looking through his fone that evening but I found a link on facebook stating that other people have seen the same thing on their bill.  PHEW!   That would surely have been the end of our five year marriage, as I don't play that!!  Other numbers that have been reported are 222-222-2208 and  222-222-2205 all at the most random hours of the night and day.  My advice for those without unlimited, report it to Tmobile.  My guess is that it comes from an app.  Just a thought.

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Renee Fraser said...

It doesn't come from an app. My father keeps getting the same 222 "incoming" messages and he doesn't have web on his phone. Just a basic cell.

Annette said...

I just found the same number situation on my phone bill. Would love to know who they are.

Anonymous said...

I think I may have figured this out. I had a bunch of these on my bill and so I went through my cell phone trying to discover it. The most recent one on my bill coincides with a text message from Google giving me my gmail verification code. The number doesn't show up the same on my bill as it does on my phone, but the time and dates are identical.

Anonymous said...

I found numbers from Mauritania also and asked a friend and they told me to download timber the dating app and choose the phone option and wait for a verification code in my text messages and then look up my phone bill. Sure enough the date and time coincided with the verification code I received from timber and it said Mauritania. You can link timber to your emails and facebook. So Im not sure if it would be a google thing or a timber thing. Problem is these different sites are using Mauritania numbers. I guess only way to find out is do a google verify and a timber verify and see which Mauritania number matches the phone bill.

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