Bon Voyage - My experience at Laguardia Airport

Long story short, I was taking my son on a trip to Puerto Rico to visit his great grandfather and family.  My flight was scheduled to leave at about 8 am from Laguardia.  I arrived at about 7, checked in at the front, before even entering the airport.  THey took my luggage and handed my a boarding pass after reviewing my id.  They even mentioned that it showed I was flying with an infant.  Ok.
So, I get my boarding pass and start making my way through security and so on.  I have a few items with me and so I never really looked at my boarding pass, except for when I glanced at the gate number.  When I reached my gate, I told that representative that I was on my way to orlando.  She said , orlando left, it was only 745.  So i was a bit confused.  She said you must be going to ft. lauderdale.  And since i remembered seeing that on my itinerary i thought she may be right.. Again I glanced at my ticket and saw ft. lauderdale.  I thought wow, i was wrong, let me go get some breakfast and put my thinking cap on.  As I was ordering my breakfast, I had this gut feeling to look at my ticket again, that was when I finally noticed, I was holding a ticket with a name different than mine.  Same last name, but different first name.  When it was all said and done, I made it through security, showing my id with a totally different name.  Unbelievable!  So i missed my flight.  THey had to book me a courtesy flight out of JFK in the afternoon.  What a mission.

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