Build Your SEO Campaign in 15 Minutes, Free Optify, Inc. Guide

Build Your SEO Campaign in 15 Minutes, Free Optify, Inc. Guide


This work plan will help you plan and build an SEO campaign in 15 minutes. Follow the steps outlined in this plan to build the foundations of sustainable organic traffic.

The goal of an SEO Campaign is to increase organic traffic and conversions (e.g. Registered Users, Free Trials, Purchase Decisions) on your website. SEO campaigns focus on optimizing content and keywords, improving website page performance, extending the networks of inbound links & traffic, all which work in concert to help you achieve your business goals. A typical SEO campaign starts with a focused keyword analysis and establishment of a target keywords strategy, aims to optimize new and existing website content and pages, and follows up with an ongoing link and traffic analysis.

Publisher: Optify, Inc.

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