The Customer Loyalty Playbook: 4 Steps To Build Loyal, High-Value Customers, Human Capital Institute Webcast: ROI Speak! Free Oracle Corporation Brief

The Customer Loyalty Playbook: 4 Steps To Build Loyal, High-Value Customers, Free Oracle Corporation Brief
Maximize your revenues with this step by step brief to building customer loyalty.

Loyal customers are your company's most valuable asset. While many organizations have struggled in these challenging economic times, companies that have tapped into the long-term loyalty of their customers have thrived. Logically, this makes sense. Not only is it less expensive to retain a customer than to acquire a new one, loyal customers spend more, try other brand offerings, purchase more profitable products and services, and are more likely to refer customers to your business. The longer a customer is loyal, the more profit the company gains. Read this brief to learn four steps to help guide your customer loyalty strategy.

Three HR Trends You Cannot Ignore, Free Perceptive Software, Inc. Article
Learn the value of an Enterprise Content Management system for HR professionals.

Human Capital Institute Webcast: ROI Speak! Use Business Language to Make Your Case, Free Oracle Corporation On-Demand Webcast
Get insights about collecting data that demonstrates business impact, and how talent creates value, measured in business dashboard terms.

Do you speak language understood by your CFO, CIO and CEO? To get and keep a seat at the executive table, senior HR and talent leaders need to communicate in the language of business, especially when making their ROI case for talent initiatives. This webcast will cover a successful talent case study, from work done at Wachovia, pitched to the perspective of business decision makers. It passes the tests of HR's credibility and role as a valued business partner (earned by diagnosing, prescribing, and implementing targeted and relevant interventions), and by partnering with executive leaders using information they need to run their business and produce results.

Human Resources technology decisions are driven by a need to access information and report on it meaningfully. There are three major trends that present some daunting tasks for HR departments. However, each can be reasonably managed with the right technology, like an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that can tie the information in different systems together and keep control of it through its lifecycle.

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