We love Pork!

Pork Adobo
We really do loves us some pork. 
We love it so much that we eat pork about 2 or 3 times a week.   Since my preference for pork is any variation with vinegar -
here, I share one of my favorite recipes- its called Pork Adobo and it's Filipino style.

I will cut right to the chase and post the recipe below.


1 - 2 pounds of CUBED pork butt or CUBED rib tips
1 - 2 cups of vinegar
1-2 cups of kikkoman soy sauce
1 -2 cups of water
5 - 6 spoonfulls of minced garlic
pepper corn

In a deep pot put in your washed pork cubes. 

Add the 5 or 6 spoonfulls of minced garlic

Add a few pepper corn

Cover and brown the pork.

After the pork is browned, add one cup each of the vinegar and soy sauce.  

Add one cup of water.  If this does not cover the pork, add more of each but in equal portions - until your pork is covered in liquid.

Boil on medium low, COVERED for about 1 hour.  (stir it occasionally)

And that's it-  you're done..  Simple, right?  

Usually served with white rice.


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