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At four months he had all the signs, crankyness, drool etc.  The fifth month was marked by red cheeks.   So at that point, I'd whip out the HUMPHREY pellets. It's so refreshing that I still clearly remember how at  5 years old, I'd indulge on those pellets.   (I had two toddler siblings at that time. )

But back to the subject, My son started showing teeth at around 6 months, namely two on the bottom.  I remember him catching a slight fever which I took care of with tylenol.  But after that, he was pretty much symptom free.  I think at times he has been in pain, but he's a tough kid and from what I notice, he's more active at times.  Meaning, he tries to keep his mind off of whatever is making him uncomfortable.  Otherwise, he's a pretty chilled out kid.

As you can see in the picture on the right, he had 8 teeth by 11 months and today at 14 months, he still has those same 8 but they are much longer and pushed closer together.  Many people seem shocked, but I don't understand why.  

I'm interested in finding out how many teeth your child had at 12 months?  And what symptoms did your baby show?

Say Cheese.  Look at my teeth!
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Eschelle said...

buy the time my eldest was 12 months he already had pretty much all his teeth except i think one molar. I'll keep you updated on my 10month old, he's a lot slower and only have four teeth at the moment, doubt he'll pop out the rest before Feb.

New follower via the December blog hop on Bloggy. Nice to meet you! :)

Maa said...

Wow! That's pretty amazing in regards to your eldest. I'm wondering if you can recall anything different in terms of how you fed them as infants?

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