Campus Bullying: An Epidemic, Free ADT White Paper

Campus Bullying: An Epidemic, Free ADT White Paper
Changes on campus and on school buses can help reduce the number of bullying incidences.
Long Description: Over 33% of teens and 44% of middle schoolers report bullying problems while in school. Most students cite bathrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, stairwells, schoolyards, and classrooms as the places where bullying was most likely to occur. But as security options increase, there are some simple, but effective ways, to reduce the incidence of bullying. This paper explores:
  • The educator's role in controlling bullying
  • Options available to security to tackle this problem effectively
  • What law enforcement and the legislator can do to make a difference
This white paper explores current trends in bullying on campus, the statistics, and different ways students, parents, administrators, law enforcement and security can work together to prevent bullying and keep campuses safer.

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