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Qondio is a site where you can add your own "intel" something similar to a squidoo lens, however, with Qondio you can earn backlinks to your website or blog.   

As you know, these links are what help give a site some importance, especially when they are of high quality.  

This has worked for me and it is unfortunate that I ran into a blog, by some guy names James Colin, which calls Qondio a "low-level scam".  I hate to even link to his post but here it is for those of you looking to read his gossip   And what is ironic is that when you comment on his blog, it has to wait for moderation from Mr. Colin.  Low-level, huh?  What's low level, the fact that they are only charging $5?  Mr. Colin, when the web world wakes up people like you who blog about sites gaining traffic in order to gain some yourself (SEO) give the real SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION PROFESSIONALS a bad rap!  

Wouldn't it be ironic of James Colin is actually a member and is only discouraging others from Qondio so he can reap the benefits of his marketing agenda.  James, keep it real - you blog to make money from people who ran into your blog as a result of your SEO tweaking- not because you are an authority and I can see that you definately do not blog to give real advice and tips from experience.  You're something like the News - making your blog seem important when in reality, it's far from all that and a bag of chips. 

Add content, gain back links & meet intersting people.. 

Hey Mr. James Colin why don't you and anyone else who needs to learn more about online karma, SEO, and online marketing take a minute to visit the Free Industry resource center .   Browse the selection of 600+ complimentary Industry magazines, white papers, webinars, podcasts, and more available to professionals such as yourself.   Don't worry, no credit cards, coupons, or promo codes required.


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