First year, food and baby.

Before the baby, I seriously thought that they (all babies) drink milk up until they are two or three.  Call me ignorant but didn't really think that after their 1st birthday, feeding time would be a heck of a lot different.  Nonetheless, I got it together and figured out a few things when it comes to my baby and nutrition.  I wanted to make sure my son was being fed the right way and that's why I did some research.  In a nutshell, I've figured out that calcium can come from a number of other sources besides milk.  For example tofu, kidney beans, broccoli, whole wheeat bread, canned salmon, sweet potatoes and fortified orange juice are all excellent sources of calcium.  Another vitamin, Iron can come from dried beans, winter squash, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, egg yolk, meat, poultry, and grains (farina and cereals).

Today, he still drinks from a bottle at 13 months.  I've tried the sippy cup and the regular cup but he's very picky about having his bottle.

Here is an example of a day's worth 
of eating for a 1 year old.

  For breakfast I prepare 4oz of milk, a quarter cup of farina and half a banana.  The banana is the messiest part of breakfast time because I let him do it alone.  

At snack time, he gets another 4oz of milk, a boiled egg and a few graham crackers.  

Lunch comes complete with another 4oz of milk, half of a cheese sandwich, a quarter cup of peas and a half of a peach. 

Afternoon snack is usually a 4oz cup of juice, and half a cup of dried cereal.  

Dinner time is definitely chow time with another 4oz of milk, a chicken leg, a quarter cup of rice, a quarter cup of carrots, and a cup of ice cream to top it all off.


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