What You Should Know About ICD-10 Codes, Free AdvancedMD Software, Inc White Paper

What You Should Know About ICD-10 Codes, Free AdvancedMD Software, Inc White Paper

Understand the facts, the timing, and the impact.

Moving to ICD-10 CM/PCS will require a tremendous effort and incur incredible cost for health care organizations. Many medical organizations have not begun the implementation process and are expecting the date for implementation to be delayed. That is a misconception and could affect the health of the organization. The countdown is now. Don't delay planning for implementation. The health of your medical organization depends on it! In this white paper you will learn:
  • Facts, Timing & Impact of ICD-10 Medical Codes
  • Expansion of ICD Medical Code Base
  • ICD-10 Impact on the Medical Practice
  • Comparison Table of ICD-9 & ICD-10 Diagnosis Medical Codes

Publisher: AdvancedMD Software, Inc

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