10 Online brand Strategies for 2011 plus 5 ways to persuade your target audience and Mission Critical Magazine Subscription - Free

The Top 10 Online Brand Protection Strategies for 2011, Free MarkMonitor® Guide

One thing you can count on in 2011: online scammers will continue to hijack well-known brands for their own profit. From stealing web traffic and selling counterfeit goods to hijacking business-critical domains, brandjackers are sure to up the ante in 2011.

Now is the time to get started—and get proactive—on developing a solid online brand protection strategy that will safeguard your marketing investments, revenues, and most importantly, customer trust.

Download this brief, easy-to-read guide and learn how you can further strengthen the brand equity and customer loyalty you've worked so hard to build.

With this quick, complimentary checklist, you'll learn:
  • Why now—more than ever—companies need to monitor their brands online
  • Why brands need to shut down scammers' deceptive online promotions
  • How to prepare for the launch of new gTLDs
  • Where to focus your anti-counterfeiting efforts for the greatest impact
  • And, many more key tips for 2011

Mobile Telephony: The Next Wave in Cyber Crime, Free i2 Group On-Demand Webinar

Before You Hire: Complete Guide To Checking Your Employees, Free Resource Nation, Inc. Buyer's Guide

"Before You Hire: Complete Guide To Checking Your Employees"
This guide will help you better understand the importance of background checks or employment screenings. YOU WILL RECEIVE FREE PRICE QUOTES FROM MULTIPLE BACKGROUND CHECK COMPANIES BY PHONE/EMAIL.
Employees are your most valuable-and usually your most expensive business asset. According to one estimate, the cost of hiring the wrong employee can be up to twice that person's annual salary!

Interviews, references, and referrals are priceless when it comes to hiring, but in some circumstances, they're not enough. How does a business make sure that an employee is the right match?

This guide comes with no obligation price quotes from professional and expert background check service providers – all pre-screened and qualified to best fit your background checking needs. 

Web 2.0: Engaging Customer Passion, Free SDL - Web Content Management Solutions White Paper

By selecting the right tools for your company's particular product, brand or campaign, your organization can fulfill the desire and expectations that customers now have for interaction.
Long Description: This white paper examines the ways in which organizations can tap into Web 2.0 interaction as part of the marketing strategy and tactics to create customer engagement by matching visitors' passion and to figure out the "best fit" for the new opportunities that present themselves. In doing so, you can address online visitors in each phase of their buying cycle including awareness, interest, desire, action and satisfaction.

5 Ways to Persuade your Target Audiences, Free SDL - Web Content Management Solutions White Paper

Mission Critical, Free Mission Critical Magazine Subscription

Is issued every month to provide you with practical solutions to all manner of issues facing the data center designer, manager, owner and operator.Long Description: This includes rising energy cost, increasing heat loads, emergency backup solutions, security, cable management, virtualization and disaster recovery.



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