We made it through our first year, together.

My baby will soon be turning 1. I am so proud that we made it through this first year in one piece. Here are 12 random things I've learned over the past 12 months.

1. It really doesn't matter whether the formula is Enfamil, Similac or Good Start, if you are not breast feeding and are using formula, you can go with a doctor recommended brand or any brand you like. (Notice the word is brand in bold?  That's because the only difference between them is that - the brand.  But if your baby is allergic to this kind of  cow milk formula and needs a special diet like soy milk formula then none of these brands will work for your child.) When I first brought my baby home and the breastfeeding was giving us trouble, I went to Walgreens and felt so confused when I saw all the brands. I thought there was a specific one and I didn't know what that was so I felt stuck, I felt dumb and I almost panicked. Eventually, I realized it didn't matter. Not that day though.

2. For me, it is more comfortable to have the bassinet/crib, in our bedroom. It helps me feel secure.

3. I must always stand up for, speak for and protect my child. I can tell people not to kiss, hold, grab, pull, bite, swing around my baby and keep my baby away from shady people without feeling bad about it.

4. I carried my child to sleep for the first 4 months of his life, thereafter, he decided it was easier for him to fall asleep on his own in the crib. (Which surprised me but I was very thankful for) I didn't buy into the advice of don't always carry your baby & it's ok to let him cry for long periods of time. I did the total opposite. I didn't and still don't like the sound of my baby crying.

5. The one time I had to let my child cry for more than two minutes, (b/c I was cleaning a mess and then had to prepare his bottle) I was relieved when he didn't actually "blow up" as I had previously feared. There was just a bunch of boogies covering his upper lip and mouth. It was actually cute.

6. Rice cereal mixed with the formula and baby food is a time and headache saver. Since he was about 4 months, every single bottle had rice cereal added. When spoon feeding became a challenge, baby food mixed in there worked way better than having him slap the spoon out of my hand or spit out what just went in.

7. I am the best toy available to my child. I have tickled him so much that one of his favorite words, so far, is "tickle".

8. Aside from tummy time, I feel that babies do not need to be propped up to sit or walk. As their bodies grow and they become stronger, they will do it entirely on their own. I gave my child tummy time on our bed from 2 to 4 months but once the baby started rolling over, I left him in his crib to practice. Soon enough, at about 5 months, he would sit up on his own and eventually at 7 months, he started standing up and at 8 months, would walk around the crib. Then one day, I caught him! Not holding on to the railing!!! I placed him on the floor and off he went, WALKING, @ 10 months.

9. It is very important to be careful of your language around babies, the really do pick up on the sounds your most frequently used words. That's why when we are alone, I read to him. This way, I have something fun to chat about.

10. When around children that are the same age, they get ideas from each other and germs, so be ready & be proactive.

11. Its better to wake the baby up if they take a nap too late in the day than to let them sleep and consequently, keep you up the whole night.

12. As a stay at home mom, I have had a year of sacrificing a great deal when it comes to me. I see that some moms quickly claim "me time" & feel comfortable leaving their child with a sitter or family member. I feel as though my child is safest with me and when it comes to sacrifices, the way I see it especially after a year, is that they grow up fast and with so many milestones to look forward to, the sacrifices aren't really sacrifices..


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